Posts made in September 2019

Fall on Martha’s Vineyard

Labor Day has come and gone…the fishing derby has started…the weather has been spectacular! Everyone is enjoying fall on the island 🙂

Squash Meadow has been very, very with new projects and finishing old projects. We will be steady all winter long which is a good thing!

Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks….starting in Vineyard Haven the Mayflower Lane project has been completed! The owners have started moving in their furniture. The landscaping is still underway but the interior has been painted and cleaned. Here are a few final interior shots.

Moving along to Oak Bluffs we have two larger projects in the works. One on Spruce Lane which is recently had the asbestos removed. The home utility services will be shut off this upcoming week. The property will be demoed the first week in October. The new foundation will be poured and modular home to be set in early December.

We have another modular project in the works as well. The lot is on Hampson Avenue in Oak Bluffs. The lot has been cleared and the foundation has been poured. The boxes from Westchester Modular will arrive at the end of October, stay tuned.

Foundation for Hampson Avenue has been poured

In Edgartown we had a set yesterday on a small lot, walking distance to town. Curtis Lane is a tight road and the set crew did a fantastic job working with the limited space they had. The four boxes have all been set and our crew is now on site starting button up the exterior! Here are some photos from yesterday! The owners will be able to be settled in before next summer and enjoy their new home 🙂 We will keep you updated on the progress of the job.

We have a few smaller projects happening as well. In Edgartown we are in the process of finishing a basement and adding a bathroom down there. In downtown Edgartown our crew is installing new windows and re-siding a property. We have also been steady with new client meetings and design work. Even though all our workers are extremely busy some how they manage to set aside a few hours to fish for the derby! Good luck everyone!!