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“We are so delighted with our new home built by Squash Meadow. Bill Potter and his team were super from beginning to end. We wanted to build a home that would fit into our neighborhood architecturally, be net-zero energy efficient and environmentally sustainability built, and include an accessory dwelling unit. From design, through construction, and final finishing details, Squash Meadow was with us every step of the way. We are so pleased with our new home and enthusiastically recommend Bill and Squash Meadow!”

Ian T. Douglas and Kristin Harris- Clough Lane, Vineyard Haven

“Working with Squash Meadow to build our dream home in MV was a seamless experience. We worked with them not only once but twice because they produced a solid product. Their team is well versed in the construction and permit process and they guided us through everything that was needed. We love everything about our home. We especially love the outdoor seating area. It is a perfect way to relax while on vacation. Also, our open floor plan allows for family and friends to gather comfortably for meals, game nights and vineyard wine tastings. The Capers of Edgartown”

Edgartown, MA

February 12, 2024
“We appreciate you and your team's efforts in getting the job done so successfully. Squash Meadow prides itself on getting quality projects done economically and on time. We feel you totally delivered. Thank you! We are looking forward to many happy summers with the family.”

The Baumrin’s of West Tisbury

"Thank you to Bill and the Squash Meadow team for delivering us a beautiful new home on time and on budget. This was our first modular build project and exceeded our expectations for build quality and speed of delivery. From design and zoning approval, through to installation and custom finish work, we had a strong partnership with Squash Meadow and we’re thrilled with the results."

Owners of Curtis Lane, Edgartown

"We soon realized that stick building on Martha’s Vineyard was going to be too expensive. However, our real estate agent told us about Squash Meadow and modular construction. I was a bit hesitant at first but the more I learned the more comfortable I became. Squash Meadow builds a high-quality product – and they stand behind their work. Bill Potter and his team helped us achieve our long-time dream of a second home. We came to Bill with some ideas and a picture of a house we wanted to model ours after. He worked closely with Westchester Modular to create an extraordinary facsimile of our design – they were very flexible and terrific to work with. Bill and his team executed our vision flawlessly. Bill started foundation work in June, and we were having Thanksgiving dinner in our house that same year! We couldn’t be happier with the final product, extremely high quality, wonderful details and incredibly energy efficient. I enthusiastically recommend Squash Meadow to anyone thinking of building a modular on Martha’s Vineyard."

Squash Meadow Construction, Inc. has been nothing but a blessing in our life. My wife and I are first-time homebuyers and we are so grateful we made the decision to move forward with Squash Meadows Construction here on Martha’s Vineyard. The professionalism speaks for itself from all parties on the team. The constant communication we received from the planning of the house to have it delivered to Martha’s Vineyard, the construction of it from start to finish, including all of the custom work we had done absolutely exceeded our expectations, all while staying on budget. Thank you, Bill Potter and the Squash Meadow team for delivering our dream home. I absolutely recommend Squash Meadows Construction to any and all families looking to build on MV. “ YOU ALL ARE THE BEST, THANK YOU!!!!!!!”. 

Bramble Path, Owners

November 2019
"Squash Meadow Team,

We are from the Vineyard and through a series of fortunate events we were able to secure the block we had been looking at for years, close to our family and friends. The next step was finding the right partner to help us build our forever home. We looked at the stick, post, and beam but kept coming back to homes designed and built by Squash Meadow. From the start the relationship Bill and team had with Westchester homes was evident. We were living in Houston and went through design, delivery, and finishing remotely. We have family who kept an eye out for us but Bill and the team walked us through and kept us updated throughout the entire process.

Not everything goes smoothly but the knowledge and professionalism of Bill and his team got us through anything that popped up. After closing, Bill and the team have addressed any warranty issues, provided outdoor shower winterization, and anything else we may have asked. We have built homes in South Carolina, Texas, and Michigan. By far this has been the best experience working with Bill and the team. We can’t thank them enough for making this truly home for us."

Debra and Dion Alley
17 June Ave
Oak Bluffs

"Squash Meadow delivered a high quality, beautiful house and made the process enjoyable. We were able to customize our home and choose on-site finish work that was top quality. Bill was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. The issues we came across in the construction process were resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. We would absolutely use Squash Meadow again!"

Grace Strake
Edgartown, MA

"From start to finish my husband, Ken, and I found SQUASH MEADOW construction incredibly helpful and easy to deal with. Their impeccable attention to detail was greatly appreciated and they lived up to all our expectations of what a builder should aspire to. They were also open to the idea of us bringing on board a personal friend of mine who is an architect; something that other firms would have frowned upon I'm sure. In the end, I think it contributed to the unique style of our modular home and all parties involved came away with a better understanding of how "all the pieces fit"; both figuratively and conceptually. The timeline they had to work under was extremely demanding on our end and to that point, they exceeded this goal. We can't say enough good things about SMC, and how they have become friends for life!"

Nancy and Ken Monahan
Edgartown, MA

"Dear Squash Meadow

It’s been over a year since we had our 750 sq. foot addition to our house in Oak Bluffs. We started out wanting a modular addition because we knew that would save money. But the location of our home prevented us from being able to have a modular addition, a small dirt road with lots of trees. None the less, we came up with a really great design together and had to cut a significant amount of trees and do landscaping and the whole ball of wax. The cost was significant, some because of contraction cost and some because of style preference.

I can’t express how much I love our house! It’s more than I could have imagined in quality craftsmanship, efficient design and it looks beautiful! During the project, all of the folks, from the carpenter, electrician, plumber, and the staff Terri and Woody were amazing. Bill really wants folks to be happy with his work and goes the extra mile to see that it happens. This was our first real summer to enjoy the house and we had a full house of family and friends and the house handle it well!

You guys are the best!

Sara & Charles Davis
October 2015

"Dear Squash Meadow

We want you to know how much our neighbors like our house. Of course, all of them have seen the exterior, and everyone was complementary about its beauty! You should know how much people other than just us appreciate your work!

It is so much fun to watch people's expressions when they walk into the house. They don't expect the house to be so open, spacious, and light! Honestly, to a person, they seem almost shocked! They are absolutely effusive in their like for the design!

We told them about Squash Meadow, the fact that our house is a modular from Westchester, and the building and finishes in our home. And we told them about LEED and the silver medal our home won. They gave many kudos!

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your work. We love our home and it's easy to show the house with pride."

Kimberly Fuson & Barbara Seidman

"As we got closer to a final design, it was clear that our costs were going to be much more than anticipated. We knew that Bill was affiliated with Westchester Modular and we asked him if they could do our design and would it result in some savings.

Bill emailed our plans to Westchester and within a day or two we had a “yes” from them. In just a few days, Bill came to us with a budget, schedule and a detailed plan letting us know what we needed to do, what Westchester could provide and what Squash Meadow would supply.

We met several times over the next few months with Bill and with the engineer from Westchester who eventually produced a computerized “walk through” of the house we were building. It was an amazing process.

The house was delivered on July 28, 2011 and we moved in on November 2nd. Bill had a cookout for all our neighbors when the house came and we were instant celebrities!

The total experience was quite special. Bill and his wonderful crew were excellent to work with, efficient, thoughtful and most accommodating. Work was done well and on time.

Questions were answered immediately and every request was dealt with in a timely fashion.

Almost every day, someone stops one of us on the street to tell us how much they love our house. We are delighted with every aspect of the project and especially with the results."

Renee & Bruce Balter
4 Gorham Avenue
Oak Bluffs, MA

"Bill Potter and his Squash Meadow group have been doing work for us for about 9 years. We can't say enough good things about them! They're the BEST!! They do everything from little to big jobs and provide care taking during the months we're not here. Two years ago, they tore down a large wing of our house (built in the early 1900's in West Chop) that had 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry room, pantry and porch and put up a modular wing of about the same size. The whole project went so easily and was completely stress-free for us. And it was all because of Bill and his group that made it go so well!!

Bill is really personable and has a great rapport with everyone who works with him and for him......plumbers, electricians, Terri, etc., etc. They all do super work! We love them all and consider them our friends!!!!!


Jack & Pam Reese,
West Chop, Vineyard Haven.

"We became aware of Squash Meadow Construction via some good friends who had Squash Meadow build a modular home addition to their existing house. We started with an architect and he created a good design. While looking for contractors to build our guesthouse we spoke to Bill Potter, principal of Squash Meadow. He offered to bid on both a stick build home and a modular one. The modular build plan had the advantage of being well constructed in a factory and we received a silver LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency) rating for the house. The first such rating in Tisbury.

We found Bill, his staff and subcontractors to be excellent to work with, friendly, knowledgeable, cooperative and flexible. Their work is high quality. The engineers at the modular company were able to offer 3D computer simulations of the design that helped us adjust a few key design items. The project was done on budget and ahead of schedule. Bill and his crew have done other work on our property with equally good results. We have since recommended Bill Potter and his company to others."

John Grandin
West Chop, Vineyard Haven.

"Now what?” This is what we asked ourselves after purchasing the ideal building lot in Oak Bluffs. We were thrilled to finally own a piece of the island, yet we had no idea what steps to take next to build our summer cottage. Our “ideal” lot was just a clump of dirt covered with scraggly trees and a crumbling, unfinished foundation. The thought of building a home remotely, while not knowing the first thing about construction, was daunting. We were starting to second-guess our purchase - - had we made a huge mistake? Also, we were working within a fixed budget. What if unexpected costs along the way prevented us from completing our project? We had many questions and worries, however, Bill Potter and his team at Squash Meadow Construction put our mind at ease and helped us to make our dream home a reality.

Bill guided us through every step of the building process. He went above and beyond, working behind the scenes to make phone calls, secure permits, and schedule meetings. Bill worked closely with us and Westchester Modular Homes to design the exact house we had been looking for. Not only did Squash Meadow create a timeline that would enable us to enjoy our new home by the summer season, they worked within our budget, helping us to pick and choose all of the features we desired.

The Squash Meadow crew was great to work with. It was important for us to participate in the construction of our new home, and the Squash Meadow team welcomed us aboard. We worked right alongside the plumbers, carpenters, and electricians as we painted both indoors and out. Great attention was paid to even the slightest of details, resulting in a beautiful, new summer cottage that our family will be enjoying this summer as promised. The precision and speed of the modular construction process, combined with the significant cost savings over traditional “stick built” construction, enabled us to finally build the summer home of our dreams. Everything was on time and right on budget. We are very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Squash Meadow Construction to anyone building a home on Martha’s Vineyard."

David & Holly Long
Pacific Avenue
Oak Bluffs, MA

"All we can say is that we’re extremely pleased with the workmanship and the professionalism of Squash Meadow. The whole process was something new for us because it was a Modular home. We were very happy with Westchester Modular Homes and Bill Potter was excellent to work with. Squash Meadow was cooperative, they were responsive, and they were professional all the way through. We didn’t have one problem. They got our house done in record time. The modular sections came from the factory on March 1st and we moved in 90 days later! There was no substitution in quality; we even felt it was BETTER quality than a traditional stick built home.

We’ve been on this property for decades, and now with this new house our Vineyard home is everything we could have ever wanted for our ever-expanding family.

I would recommend them to anyone."

Carl & Mary Shanahan
Katama, Edgartown