Posts made in February 2019

Winter on the Island

We have had a little bit of snow this winter and some very cold days but overall we have been able to get our projects done with little weather delay. Let’s hope this continues.

Our Winemack job has come to the end. The home passed its final inspections and the owner has started to have furniture delivered. The owner is in the process of putting their final touch on the home. Come spring the landscaping will occur and the pool will be completed.

Check out the final product! More photos to come in the spring and when the home is fully furnished and landscaping is in.

In Vineyard Haven the Mayflower Lane job is coming right along! Here are some progress photos. The retaining wall is in. Plumbers are on site. Great room all framed up.

At the East Chop Harbor renovation project all the subs are in full force working on installing new electrical and plumbing.

Our workers will keep plugging along the next few weeks to wrap up some jobs and start on new ones. Stay tuned!

Ground Hog Day

The Ground hog did not see his shadow which predicts an early spring. Lets’s hope he is correct. This week flew by! Here is our weekly progress report.

At the Mayflower Lane project in Vineyard Haven the owner was on site this week to meet with the contractors to go over design work and finishes.

Up in West Tisbury on Trotter’s Lane the septic was installed and passed inspection woohoo for progress. Now the front steps and decking are in progress. Once the work is complete we will call in our final inspections.

Back down island in Oak Bluffs we have three current jobs going on. At our renovation project the windows are still going in and insulation has begun. The big item this week was the rat slab was poured. Here are some photos from today.

Next we have the Winemack home which is very close to being completed. We are waiting on the certificate of occupancy and then the owners will soon be able to enjoy their new Vineyard home. Final photos will come next week!

Lastly we have the Barnes Road site where the house was set last week. The crew is currently working on the exterior of the home. The electrical and rough plumbing are underway.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!

We made it to February!

January seem to last forever, bring on February! We made it through the first month of the year with minimal snow just dustings but some very cold weather. Today is still brisk 19 degrees but our men continue to work hard.

On East Chop we have one project finishing up and the other due to be completed in June. The Winemack home has had all the kitchen and bathroom hardware installed. The smoke inspection has been completed. The pluming and electrical inspections are in progress. We hope the owners will be moving in soon. Final photos of the project will be posted on our website.

On East Chop Drive the renovation project continues with framing for new windows. The bathroom walls are being built along with the new closets.

Moving along to our newest project off Barnes Road we set a home on Monday. Things went quick and smoothly just how we like it. The contractors are currently buttoning up the outside of the home. Next they will start on the exterior trim and siding.

In Vineyard Haven on Mayflower our contractors have completed the great room walls and roof and that is all closed in. Looking more like a home now.

Lastly up in West Tisbury at the Trotter’s Lane site we are waiting on the septic to be installed.

Stay warm and see you next week!