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Season opener 2016!

Hello everybody! Sorry for not checking in with you here on our blog for some time. We’ve been super busy here at Squash Meadow Construction, we’ve been continuing to set a new modular home every 4-6 weeks here on Martha’s Vineyard and we’re proud to say that they’ve all been completed on time and on budget with happy customers. Here’s just a small glimpse at some of the work we’ve been doing.

14064080_1034313800009532_5983712673060955236_n 14358917_1061144620659783_1727417674860493128_n 14359054_1062097267231185_2015548429972493213_n 14368812_1062097290564516_2468183753201147050_n 14446177_1062097297231182_1877304739458160841_n o'keeffe


And here’s a sample of completed exteriors and interiors from last season

DSC_0668 DSC_0710 DSC_0867 DSC_0755 DSC_0795 DSC_0913

DSC_0195 DSC_0932 DSC_0951 DSC_0977


We’ve got dozen of new projects in the works for 2016-2017, one such project that we’re particularly excited about is working with Featherstone Center for the Arts. We’ve been working closely with them to build a new facility with various buildings that serve the artist community here on Martha’s Vineyard. Stay tuned for updates and if you haven’t already, you can like us on facebook for updates too at

Happy fall everybody!