Through The Process

In general, the timeframe to design, permit and to build a custom modular home typically takes 10-12 month from start to finish. That is typical, it can be shorter or longer depending on a lot of variables such as design time, delivery, permitting, etc. We have outlined a general flow of the modular building process and tried to answer some of the more common questions asked.

1. Before we can every start the process you should have a lot of land or own property that the new modular home will be set on. The land can be raw land or have a house on that can be demolished and rebuilt. But the process always starts with the land.

2. We will set up an initial consultation with you to go over the general scope of your project and preliminary budget for the home. Our preliminary budget pricing includes everything from the design to finish of your home. It does not include appliances or landscaping. In the square foot pricing we factor in finishes such as white cedar shingles, composite trim, mahogany decking and outdoor showers. Our standard windows are Andersen 400 series. Pricing includes granite or similar counter tops, hardwood floors, tiled shower and bathrooms. The price can increase or decrease depending on your finish selections.

3. After our initial consultation you should meet with local finance institution if necessary to start the process to obtain financing. If you don’t have a bank or financial institution selected, we can recommend one that is familiar with us and our modular building process. We will do a study of your land to establish such items as conservation issues, town or permitting issues, accessibility and other factors that will determine the feasibility of building a modular home on your site.

4. At this time, you will be asked to provide a small deposit to Squash Meadow to begin the custom design of your home with Westchester Modular factory representative to design your home using state of the art 3D software. You will be able to see the rooms, finishes, floors, windows, exterior and interior of you home and even walk through the plans to get a complete understanding of the rooms and their layout. These sessions can be as few or as many are needed to design your home and make changes and selections. Your deposit will be credited to the overall cost of your home.

5. Once you have completed your design changes and selected your colors and finishes, the Westchester Modular Home engineers will draw the engineered stamped, state and third party approved plans needed to permit and build your home. During this time, you will finalize your financing with the bank and site engineers and surveyors will complete the site and septic design for you home. This period will also be used to seek approvals from any town or local boards and committees that may be required such as conservation or historical.

6. Squash Meadow will work on the approvals and receive the necessary permits for your home, the factory will begin to order all the materials needed to build your home in the factory.

7. During the building production process at the factory, the site work will start on the job clearing and excavating the land and making way for the foundation to be formed and poured.

8. While the foundation is being completed and the home built at the factory, schedules are being set for the modular units to be delivered to the island. State police escorts and the crane are scheduled.

9. On the day of the set, the modules that make up your new home will be carefully delivered via barge to the island where they will be unloaded and driven to the lot. The factory set crew and crane will hoist the boxes into place and secure them to the foundation. At the end of the day your home is set, secured and weather tight on the foundation and ready for Squash Meadow’s carpenters to come in and complete the home.

10. Over the next 3-4 months the electricians, plumbers, HVAC, tile and finished carpenters will be in place. The home will be sided, decks & porches will be added, counter tops and flooring that does not come from the factory will be installed, painting & finishes will be completed, and utilities such as water, electric and septic are connected etc. during this time.

11. Now that your home is completed it is time for the final inspections of the town building department to ensure your home was completed to all the state and local building codes and practices to be scheduled. Once all inspections are completed a certificate of occupancy will be issued by the town and you will be able to move into your new home.

12. Move in day! We will meet with you, go over the general maintenance and the 10 year structural warranty for your home. We will answer any questions you might have, complete any final accounting and give you the keys to your new home.

13. But it doesn’t end there. We will be back in one month to do any punch lists items that may be required and will repeat that in twelve months. We will set up a time to photograph your home and add it to our website as well as ask for a testimonial.

14. Enjoy your custom home

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