Posts made in February 2021

Six More Weeks of Winter

The Groundhog saw his shadow this week…6 more weeks of winter…fowl weather or not we are on one of the job sites with our aggressive winter schedule to follow.

Starting in Edgartown/Katama the modular is now complete with the certificate of occupancy.  The Owner can now decorate and move in! One job off of the list….

Continuing in Edgartown we have another modular home to be set on Middle Street in April. The current home on the lot will be demolished. The owners have cleared out the property and water has been turned off. Electrical will be shut off soon. We will keep you updated on the progress.

In Oak Bluffs the modular we set last month on Puritan Drive is currently working on framing of the front porch and back deck.  Next the carpenters will shingle.  The plumber and electricians are working on their roughs.

Also, in Oak Bluffs we have another modular set next week on Simpson Ave. The foundation is set and almost ready for the boxes to be set on top. This week the electrical service is going on the ground and the excavators will back fill the foundation.  Stay tuned!

Now heading to Vineyard Haven we have the Vineyard Montessori School nearing the end of the project.  The handrails and grab bars and signage is going up.  The school landscaping should be done in the next few weeks.  The final inspections should be coming soon the project is almost ready for the students!


Just down the road a bit our water front home on Main Street is complete we are waiting on the appliances to be delivered.  With COVID we have seen a delay in appliances at a few of our jobs.  Order your appliances early folks!  The furniture has been delivered and set up.  The home looks amazing!!!!


Around the corner on Iroquois  Avenue the large renovation project has completed the indoor framing and new roof. The new electrical and plumbing roughs have been finished.  The new kitchen, bathrooms and flooring has been ordered!

Stay warm, stay healthy and see you soon!