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Introducing The New Campus of Vineyard House, Inc.

vineyard house rendering

On Monday, 5/5/2014, Squash Meadow Construction broke ground on the Vineyard House, Inc. project. A campus located on a 4.4 acre lot in Vineyard Haven consisting of what will be three new modular dormitory buildings, one house manager’s apartment, and one modular administration building. Vineyard House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping islanders in recovery for substance abuse, and this campus will provide a sober housing community to assist in the recovery of their residents.


Squash Meadow CEO Bill Potter pictured with Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. President John Colucci, and the Vineyard House Board of Directors.


John Colucci and Bill Potter.


Mark Jenkins of the Vineyard House.

Squash Meadow Construction in association with Westchester Modular Homes of New York is excited and privileged to be a part of this project. We feel this experience represents the ongoing spirit of the Martha’s Vineyard community combining strengths and giving back to the people of the island.  In essence, a modular home, in its purest form, is a series of building blocks. Block by block you work towards building something bigger, and each block relies on the block beside it to reach the goal. They are held together by thousands of tiny pieces, each a victory in of itself, and they ultimately create something so substantial that it’s capable of sustaining life.

Squash Meadow Construction, Westchester Modular Homes, and Vineyard House, inc. are proud to present the Vineyard House campus, homes built block by block for those rebuilding block by block.