Posts made in July 2021

July on Martha’s Vineyard

July has flow by. The weather hasn’t been the best, there are a lot of tourists on the island.  We have had a lot of rain and cloudy days this month.  Despite the weather we have been working hard completing jobs and starting on new ones!

Our next modular set is coming up in September on Curtis Lane, Edgartown.  We have taken a short respite of setting homes to complete all the homes we have set the last 6 months.  In the fall we will have another aggressive schedule. Here are some photos of the progress of the site work on the next Curtis Lane project. This one will be the third home we have done on Curtis Lane. We will have one more coming this fall!


The set in June on Curtis Lane is coming along. There is a shortage of cedar shingles so we are at a stand still waiting for more to be delivered on the island. The trim on outside and decking is in progress. The plumbing and heating and electrical are all in progress.


On Middle Street in Edgartown the home has a ton going on!  The tile works in in progress, the finish carpenters are in now working on the trim, installing doors, the stairs etc. The painter has started.  The kitchen counters will be installed in the next coming weeks.  The home is bustling with workers trying to complete the job.

Lots of moving parts here but we are making it work!  We hope to see some sunny days soon!