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     On Thursday Oct 24th & Friday October 25th, Squash Meadow Construction made company history by setting two homes on Martha’s Vineyard.   To top it off, the homes were in two different towns.  The homes were delivered to the Island late Wednesday night from New Bedford from Westchester Modular Homes and their factory in Wingdale, NY.

   On Thursday the first home was set in Tisbury.  The modular boxes came off the barge around 7 am to a state police escort and within twelve hours the house was set, roofed and weather tight to the elements.  Early Friday, Siding & Button-Up crews were at the house to start their work.  But while they were starting…… another home was being taken off the barge, delivered and set in Oak Bluffs.  This set was completed by 2:30pm  and the Clint Bishop Set Crew & Baxter Crane were on the ferry off the Island by 3:45.

     Both home should be completed and occupied within ten-twelve weeks… maybe sooner.  Mike captured the set in Tisbury on time-lapse photography and we hope to have a new video posted soon for all to enjoy.  Watching a modular home being delivered and set is a really remarkable experience.  Someone said during the first set that, “Squash Meadow Construction is like Santa Claus because we get to deliver such great gifts to people and make them so happy”.

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Squash Meadow Construction Announces New Project Managers

Bill Potter, President of Squash Meadow Construction announced the hiring of Sam Hall & Woody Mitchell as  new project managers for the company to handle an increase of projects on Martha’s Vineyard as well as the company’s recent expansion to mainland Cape Cod.

Sam Hall of Martha’s Vineyard is the new project manager for Martha’s Vineyard.  Sam recently moved to the Vineyard from Roslindale, MA with his wife and two small children.  Sam has visited and lived on the Vineyard throughout his life.  While living in the Boston area Sam was co-owner of a small interior design and merchandising company specializing in commercial businesses.  For the past five years Sam started his own company focusing on residential remodeling projects.  Sam is a member of the NESEA and will working out of the company’s Vineyard Haven office.

Woody Mitchell of Sandwich, MA is the new project manager of Cape Cod projects.  Woody has over 26 years in the modular home industry and extensive knowledge in the permitting, design and construction of residential modular homes.  Woody and his wife live in Sandwich MA where Woody is the Chairman of the Town’s Board of Appeals as well as Sandwich’s representative to the Cape Cod Commission.    Woody will be managing the company’s new Falmouth office located at 44 Scranton Ave., Falmouth while sharing responsibilities for Martha’s Vineyard new modular home projects.

Bill said the new project managers will help the company with the growing number of projects with better control and as well as continued focus on customer service and are a welcome addition to the Squash Meadow family.

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Cape Cod Office Open For Business!

As of Sept. 24th, our Falmouth Office, at 44 Scranton Ave will be open on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9am – 2pm. Please stop on by for us to answer all your questions and inquiries about our homes and services.  Evening & Personal Appointments are always available upon request.  The phone number for this office is (774) 255-1877 .


New office for Cape Cod Modular Homes by Squash Meadow

Squash Meadow now has a Mainland office located in Falmouth/Cape Cod at 44 Scranton Ave, Falmouth next to the Falmouth Harbor. Open daily, This office we have a full room of displays & options for your consideration as well as a conference room and reception area.
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new LEEDs, new homes, new website!

Squash Meadow is proud to announce another LEED certified modular home on Martha’s Vineyard. Set in October of last year and finished on by January 1, This LEED certified ‘Silver’ Modular Home is nestled into the back roads of East Chop in Oak Bluffs, MA and is the second of only two homes in OB to ever achieve a LEED certification (The other also built by Squash Meadow).


SMC has worked tirelessly over the pass decade to develop homes that dispel the myth that an energy efficient, LEED certified modular home is not cost effective. This home is testament to the idea that a Green modular home can be had on anyone’s budget. This 1400 sq ft home shares all the Green attributes of its bigger brothers, like insulation and a tightly sealed thermal envelope so efficient that its like down parka for your home in the winter, and an igloo cooler in the summer. All while having little (if any) environmental impact on the surrounding area due to its factory built construction (a process which also minimizes and recycles waste) and speedy one-day delivery.

SMC can build you a LEED home on any budget. You’ll contribute to a building culture which enhances and protects ecosystems, improves air and water quality, reduces solid waste, and conserves natural resources. Not to mention you’ll save on operating costs and end up with a beautiful home.


In other news, Squash Meadow Construction of Martha’s Vineyard & Cape Cod is gearing up for a busy season ahead. With the dog days of summer winding down and the cooler air on its way, we’re excited for a confirmed 3 new Modular Homes being set this fall between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. With many other renovation projects about to get under way and even more Modular Homes in development on Cape Cod and MV, its certainly going to be another year for the books.

With SMC experiencing so much growth in the past year and with the expansion to main land Cape Cod, we’ve officially launched our Cape Cod division with an established office, team, and now a Cape Cod specific website. Please visit for all your Cape Cod Modular project needs.

Dennis, MA, a Triumph for SMC.

Squash Meadow Construction of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard is extremely proud to present our first ever Cape Cod Modular Home located in Dennis, MA as complete. It was set on February 5th, 2013, and on April 10, we received a Certificate of Occupancy from the town of Dennis.

This officially marks the fastest turn around time to date for Squash Meadow. From set day to handing over the keys to the owner, Squash Meadow was able to build its first Cape Cod Modular Home in a record SHATTERING 2 months and 5 days. Beating the previous record of 3 months flat.

Not bad for our first experience on Cape Cod if we may say so ourselves.

But Squash Meadow Construction doesn’t stop there. Below you’ll see pics of our second setting of a Cape Cod Modular Home in Sandwich, MA.  Enjoy. -m



Cape Cod Modular Homes, Round 2.

After our first Modular Home on Cape Cod was successfully set last month in Dennis and is now nearing completion, we are gearing up for round 2 with the upcoming set of our second Modular home in Cape Cod.

Upcoming Modular Home in Sandwich, MA.

So with our first Cape Cod Modular Home almost in the bag, and our second a mere week away, we already have our sights on more for the upcoming season. We are currently in negotiations and early design stages for a series of upcoming Cape Cod Modular projects throughout the Cape, and possibly even farther North. Preliminary meetings are taking place, site visits are happening daily, and as Spring has finally arrived, Squash Meadow is officially in full swing.

Nearly completed project in Dennis, MA.

The upcoming Spring season will also see a number Martha’s Vineyard Modular home projects in the works, with a new Modular home ready to be set in April in Vineyard Haven.  Spring on the Vineyard will also see a number of large renovation jobs, including a large addition in Edgartown, and a number Kitchens and Baths in Oak Bluffs. We’re also managing the wrap up of another Vineyard Haven Modular Home which we set in the end of January, and a large scale second story addition in Lambert’s Cove.

If its true what they say about the rolling stone gathering no moss, then Squash Meadow Construction will be moss free for the foreseeable future.

Happy Spring, bring on Summer.