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Squash Meadow Construction has been caretaking homes on the Vineyard for 20 years.  There are many areas of service that we offer and each home requires a customized plan. You will have an experienced team of contractors as your personal caretakers –people who know what to look for when checking a house. Reports will be sent weekly via e-mail.  The bottom line is that you can be confident that your home is in good hands.

-Weekly check up:  Once a week and during and after storms your home will receive a thorough walk through both inside and outside. Checks will be made for the following; break ins, security, heat and water, visual damage, animal and other pest infestations, anything out of the ordinary and other more personalized inspections. A report will be sent off via e-mail informing you of any problems.  If required, a solution will be proposed and carried out in a timely manner.  Basic cost for this service is $100/month.

-Hurricanes/storms:  One of the any advantages to having a general contractor as your caretaker is that when your house is at its most vulnerable to the elements, you know that you have a experienced group of carpenters/electricians/plumbers and all other trades available to assist you when you most need it.  If you have storm shutters, we can install them for you and take them down when things ease up.  If you don’t have any and need them, we will make them for your home.

-Winter shutters:  Many homes require closing up for the winter.  We can take care of this as well as taking the shutters off in the Spring. 

-Draining water:  Our plumbing contractor is thorough in making sure that your pipes are blown out for the winter and your water is back on come Spring.

-Maintenance check up:  Every Fall we will do a walk through to discuss any minor or major renovations that need to be done.  This can be anything from touch up paint to a new roof. 

-Annual up keep:  This is everything from changing the filters in your heating system to changing the batteries for your smoke alarms.  Other annual things not to forget include cleaning out gutters and boiler cleaning

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