Busy Bees…

Busy, busy, busy bees here as keep plugging along at the long list of “to do’s” before Memorial Day and things are constantly being checked off the list.

The homes we caretake have had the water turned back on, the outdoor furniture put out and batteries changed in the smoke detectors.

Up in West Tisbury the Trotter’s Lane project is complete on our end. The certificate of occupancy has been issued to the owner. The owner will now paint and do the landscaping themselves to stay on budget. We hope they enjoy their new place to call home on Martha’s Vineyard!

All the small renovation projects are wrapping up this week. The bathroom renovation is complete new vanity, tile work and painting and trim. Another home has had new flooring installed from Stonewood Products-Sawyer Mason line and it is looking great! At my own house the painters giving the living room, dining are and kitchen a fresh coat.

At the major renovation project on East Chop on the harbor the drywall is complete. The tilers are working in the bathrooms. The carpenters are installing trim on the windows. The doors have been delivered, flooring is still acclimating but will be laid soon. The new waterline to the house should be coming soon. The homeowners were on island this week meeting with the carpenters and management to pick out finishes and paint colors. Things will be finishing up in the next month or so and the owners will be able to enjoy their new home for the summer on the island!

Off of Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs the stairs have been started on the inside, the newel posts, handrails and spindles are in progress.

In Vineyard Haven at the Mayflower Lane project the fireplace has been framed out and will be installed on Monday. The insulation has started and will be finished early next week.

We had two design meetings this week and plans are in the works for the new projects.

Things have been very busy, we hope everyone can catch up on rest this weekend! Until next week folks…

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Weekly Report…

Here is your weekly report of the happenings here at Squash Meadow…not too much to report this week but here we go!

At the Red House job on the Oak Bluffs harbor work continues to move along. The drywall has been hung. The crew is in the process of taping and mudding currently in the living room. The foyer of the house has “Shiplap” going up and I must say it is looking fabulous.

The flooring has been delivered to the property and is acclimating.

Have you seen the fireplace? It is looking amazing! I cannot wait to see the final outcome of this renovation job.

On Barnes Road we have the finish contractor going in to install the stair treads and newel posts. This job is ahead of schedule which is always nice to hear. Photos to come next week!

That’s all for now, see you next week!

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Way to Go Westchester!

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has recently awarded the 2018 Foundation Builder Achievement Award to Westchester Modular Homes. This award recognizes builders with a long-standing tradition of providing exceptional customer service and protection for their home buyers.

This lifetime achievement award is reserved for builders who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving the housing industry. Westchester Modular Homes has excelled in customer service and has built its business based on integrity, trust, and reliability.

Westchester Modular Homes has been recognized as a distinguished builder in the industry and is committed to protecting their home buyers with the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty* on every home they build. Squash Meadow Construction is the authorized builder on Martha’s Vineyard of Westchester Modular Homes.

* Westchester Modular Homes provides a 10-year structural warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. This warranty covers only the modular components of the new home.

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We have been busy, busy, busy this week. Lots of projects going on simultaneously.

In Vineyard Haven the decking is almost complete on Mayflower Drive. The electricians are in the final stages of the electrical work.

Up in West Tisbury the Trotter’s Lane project is in the final stages of decking and will be able to call in for the final inspection and get the owners in the home soon. Final photos to come soon 🙂

Off of Barnes Road the front entry way is in progress. Countertops have been ordered but waiting on arrival.

At the Red House in Oak Bluffs on the Harbor the drywall is being installed, then the taping, mudding. The fireplace is in progress for its new surround. Decking and exterior are looking great.

We have a few smaller renovation projects going on… new flooring going in at one home in Oak Bluffs, new windows at another, new bathroom and outdoor shower at another job which is keeping us all busy!

At my own house we are under construction added four new windows. The insulators used spray foam insulation in the ceiling in the living room, kitchen and dining area. The electricians added new light fixtures. Drywall has been hung, tapped and mud. Next will be all new interior doors and trim. Then the final stage of painting the interior. On the outside new siding, trim, front steps are all happening. Things are coming along great and so thankful for team and the subs who have helped us out! I will post photos once all complete 🙂

The next round of permits have been pulled for the upcoming projects in the pipeline. Design meetings again this week. Never a dull moment around here 🙂

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“In like a lion out like a lamb”

As the month comes to an end we are trying to keep on schedule and complete jobs before the summer starts. Our workers are enjoying the temperatures slighting rising and not having to wear so may layers and the dry weather lately. Here is a synopsis of our week here on Martha’s Vineyard:

On the Oak Bluffs Harbor the Red House project is moving right along! Insulators have finished. The sheet rock has arrived and the crew has started the install.  The steps and decking are in progress.  The crew is finishing up exterior loose ends. The gas company arrived fire up furnace for heat in the house. Water to the house coming soon!

In Vineyard Haven on Mayflower the exterior is getting near to the end. The decking is looking great! Inside the electricians are working hard to complete their roughs.

The lot has been cleared for our next set in the middle of May in Oak Bluffs. Foundation will be poured soon.

Design meetings for the next few projects have been going on the last two weeks.

That’s all for this week at Squash Meadow! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂 and bring on the spring like weather!

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March Madness

As you all know there is March Madness going on, hope all your brackets are still intact. Our March Madness is different however, we are in crunch time trying to complete homes here on the island before the summer rush.

Today the weather is dreary, what you would expect for spring time on Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s our current progress report from las week…

On the Oak Bluffs Harbor lots of work continues, the owner is picking out their hardwood flooring. The home has been insulated and ready for sheetrock next week.

Off of Barnes Road we are thrilled with the progress of the home. The hardwood flooring has been laid, the bathroom tile has been set. The counter-tops should be in soon. The Farmer’s sink has been installed in the kitchen. The outside is buttoned up. The front steps are in progress. Here are a few photos!

Moving along to Vineyard Haven the Mayflower Lane job the back deck is looking good. Both retaining walls are now complete. The inside is getting ready for sheetrock soon. Kitchen cabinets and flooring ordered and waiting arrival.

Hope everyone has a great week and enjoy watching basketball!

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Spring Ahead

Spring will be here next week, the days are getting longer and the weather is slowly warming up. We look forward to t-shirt weather!

My first stop on the weekly update was in Oak Bluffs at the Barnes Road property. The exterior is coming along. Inside the home is being prepped for insulation and drywall. Next week I will pop inside and get some progress photos 🙂

Moving along I stopped at the Oak Bluffs Harbor job on East Chop and the exterior is looking great. The landscapers are now underway. In the near future there will be the framing inspection and then the inside is almost ready for insulation.

My last stop of the day was on Mayflower Lane in Vineyard Haven. The retaining walls are now in. The deck on the rear has begun. The electricians and plumbers have been working hard to finish their roughs. The house is coming along great and cannot wait to see the finished product in the next few months.

Hope everyone enjoy’s their weekend and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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March Blues

Cold winter has griped us on the island this past week.  Work continues on regardless of the weather. We look forward to springing a head this weekend and the warmer weather.

On our East Chop Drive renovation home the sliders and windows in on first floor and exterior trim going up. The subs continue on roughs inside the electrical and plumbing. Here are some recent photographs to see the progress…

Up in West Tisbury the Trotter’s Lane project is almost complete on our end. The owners are working on paining their home and building their own decks. We are always working with our clients to ensure the cost works for them. Photos to come in the next week.

At our Barnes Road modular the subs are finished their pluming and electrical roughs and the crew continues to button up the outside of the home.

In Vineyard Haven on Mayflower the work continues to the outside . A deck has been added to the front and the shingling and roofing is almost complete.

Have a great weekend don’t forget to set your clocks ahead!

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Winter on the Island

We have had a little bit of snow this winter and some very cold days but overall we have been able to get our projects done with little weather delay. Let’s hope this continues.

Our Winemack job has come to the end. The home passed its final inspections and the owner has started to have furniture delivered. The owner is in the process of putting their final touch on the home. Come spring the landscaping will occur and the pool will be completed.

Check out the final product! More photos to come in the spring and when the home is fully furnished and landscaping is in.

In Vineyard Haven the Mayflower Lane job is coming right along! Here are some progress photos. The retaining wall is in. Plumbers are on site. Great room all framed up.

At the East Chop Harbor renovation project all the subs are in full force working on installing new electrical and plumbing.

Our workers will keep plugging along the next few weeks to wrap up some jobs and start on new ones. Stay tuned!

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Ground Hog Day

The Ground hog did not see his shadow which predicts an early spring. Lets’s hope he is correct. This week flew by! Here is our weekly progress report.

At the Mayflower Lane project in Vineyard Haven the owner was on site this week to meet with the contractors to go over design work and finishes.

Up in West Tisbury on Trotter’s Lane the septic was installed and passed inspection woohoo for progress. Now the front steps and decking are in progress. Once the work is complete we will call in our final inspections.

Back down island in Oak Bluffs we have three current jobs going on. At our renovation project the windows are still going in and insulation has begun. The big item this week was the rat slab was poured. Here are some photos from today.

Next we have the Winemack home which is very close to being completed. We are waiting on the certificate of occupancy and then the owners will soon be able to enjoy their new Vineyard home. Final photos will come next week!

Lastly we have the Barnes Road site where the house was set last week. The crew is currently working on the exterior of the home. The electrical and rough plumbing are underway.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!

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