Season opener 2016!

Hello everybody! Sorry for not checking in with you here on our blog for some time. We’ve been super busy here at Squash Meadow Construction, we’ve been continuing to set a new modular home every 4-6 weeks here on Martha’s Vineyard and we’re proud to say that they’ve all been completed on time and on budget with happy customers. Here’s just a small glimpse at some of the work we’ve been doing.

14064080_1034313800009532_5983712673060955236_n 14358917_1061144620659783_1727417674860493128_n 14359054_1062097267231185_2015548429972493213_n 14368812_1062097290564516_2468183753201147050_n 14446177_1062097297231182_1877304739458160841_n o'keeffe


And here’s a sample of completed exteriors and interiors from last season

DSC_0668 DSC_0710 DSC_0867 DSC_0755 DSC_0795 DSC_0913

DSC_0195 DSC_0932 DSC_0951 DSC_0977


We’ve got dozen of new projects in the works for 2016-2017, one such project that we’re particularly excited about is working with Featherstone Center for the Arts. We’ve been working closely with them to build a new facility with various buildings that serve the artist community here on Martha’s Vineyard. Stay tuned for updates and if you haven’t already, you can like us on facebook for updates too at

Happy fall everybody!


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Summer and Fall 2015

Greeting everyone! Apologies for the large gap between posts. A lot has been happening in the Squash Meadow world since last spring. We had a busy summer season with the completion of all our 2014-2015 projects, which we proudly boast were all completed on time and on budget. Here is one picture of  a recently completed Squash Meadow/Westchester Modular home in West Chop, Vineyard Haven this summer.

Essex Poster copy

Among many other projects, we’re also putting the finishing touches on a new building for the Martha’s Vineyard Community Center, a project (much like Vineyard House last year) which represents a shift towards municipal, commercial, and corporate projects taking advantage of the modular approach to building with Squash Meadow Construction.

Speaking of Vineyard House, this summer we were excited to find out that Vineyard House achieved the highest possible rating of Platinum in the LEED for Homes program by the US Green Building Council. The significance here is that Platinum status rarely get awarded without the use of renewable resources in a project. Renewable resources are things like solar energy, recycled water, etc. Vineyard House being a residential campus for a non profit organization, these buildings were designed around a budget and a timeline. While understanding the importance of building green, the main objective of Vineyard House was to achieve a high quality, safe, and affordable housing community for those recovering from addiction, not necessarily hitting a home run in the green building department. However, due to the inherent building process of Squash Meadow Construction and Westchester Modular Homes, these building rated so highly on their own that they STILL achieved what we consider to be the highest possible rating you can get in the green building world.


vineyard house copy



In other news, we’re in the process of finishing, setting new, and designing many new modular homes as well as several renovations for the upcoming season of 2015-2016. But even with our schedule as full as it is, CEO Bill Potter still made it a point to donate time with his carpenters to a very cool local project going on in Oak Bluffs. Below you’ll see pictures of the SMC team contributing to the building of a local playground on Thursday, 10/15/15. Here’s a link to a local article about the project.

park park 2 park3


That’s about all for now folks. Check back soon for more updates and tidbits from us at Squash Meadow Construction!


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Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, Nobody’s gonna slow me down.

A long overdue happy Spring to everyone! After our first weekend of actual spring temperatures we’re exited to see the island buzzing with life again. The winter was long and harsh, with as we all know by now, record setting snow fall. We certainly felt the effects here with more snow than we knew what to do with as you can see below, with just another day in the life at our offices in february.



In spite of all this, Squash Meadow Construction showed no signs of slowing down in late 2014 into 2015. With work lined up well into 2016 our momentum continues to increase and we’re anticipating our busiest year to date. With the completion of the Vineyard House project in December of 2014, we’ve been fortunate enough to have some doors open for us on some commercial construction projects on the island that have come to Squash Meadow to achieve via the modular approach. More details on those to come but let’s just say we’re excited to explore these new opportunities for our company as well as continuing to set milestones in contemporary modular construction. Of course, these milestones couldn’t have been set without the collaboration of our friends and partners, Westchester Modular Homes, inc. of Westchester, New York.

With so many new and exciting projects afoot lets not forget what we’ve achieved in the last several months. In the process of wrapping up Vineyard House we were able to set two additional modular homes on Martha’s Vineyard, in both Edgartown and West Chop, Vineyard Haven. Pictured below you’ll see the Essex job, 3 story colonial with second and third story decks to take advantage of the water views of West Chop. This home was delivered this Winter and is on target to be completed by summer 2015.



And below is another highly customized colonial design under the project name “Darkwoods”, found in Edgartown. A 2 story home with walkout basement, also to be completed by Summer 2015.

Pictured from the front

holtz front

Pictured from the rear

holtz rear

As you can see, due to the slope in the grade it allowed our clients to customize the design to allow much greater square footage than one would expect viewing it from the front.

As the days grow warmer Squash Meadow is heating up as well. We have several renovations in progress which will be complete by summer, and we have another modular structure arriving in the end of April, this time a custom garage, and we even have a pool project in works! Stay tuned on that one.

Lastly, we were honored to be nominated for Best of The Vineyard once again in the catagory of Best Contractor or Builder for 2015. As defending champs, we’re excited to hear the results this June.

Thats about it for now. Stay tuned to our website and blog for more upcoming announcements and updates to our portfolio in the weeks to come.



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Vineyard House is Open!

On Friday, December 19th 2014, at an opening ceremony with over 100 people in attendance, Vineyard House cut the ribbon to their new sober living campus for recovering addicts built by Squash Meadow Construction on Martha’s Vineyard.


After breaking ground on May 5, 2014 and completing on schedule on December 19th, Vineyard House’s campus consisting of 5 modular homes was competed on schedule and almost exactly one year from the date of the first meeting between Bill Potter, CEO of Squash Meadow Construction, and Vineyard House.

Over the course of several months and 4 different set days, Squash Meadow was able to deliver the largest scale modular home project ever achieved by our company as well as the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Squash Meadow is proud to present Vineyard House, a project which we were honored to be a part of.

Below is Time-Lapse footage of the project from start to finish, capturing the 8 month period in 9 minutes.


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Vineyard House Drone Video!

Check out this cool video of the Vineyard House project in progress. These homes were set this summer are and on schedule for completion in 2014.


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Vineyard House

In late July and August this summer Squash Meadow Construction of Martha’s Vineyard began phase 1 and phase 2 of the setting of modular homes of the Vineyard House sober living campus in Vineyard Haven. We’re proud to announce how smoothly the project has been progressing and would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Vineyard House Committee and all of our employees and subcontractors that are helping to bring this invaluable resource to the island. Below you’ll see an artists rendering of the campus as well as progress as of today, August 28th, 2014. Stay tuned for more news regarding this exciting project.

open house 3





open house 2

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Squash Meadow Construction wins Best of the Vineyard 2014!

We’re proud to announce that on Monday, June 16th 2014 Squash Meadow Construction of Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod accepted the 1st place award for Best Contractor or Builder by The Best Of The Vineyard!

It was an honor to accept the award and thank you to all our clients, associates, friends and families that helped us achieve our goal. See you next year Best of the Vineyard!


bov pic

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Introducing The New Campus of Vineyard House, Inc.

vineyard house rendering

On Monday, 5/5/2014, Squash Meadow Construction broke ground on the Vineyard House, Inc. project. A campus located on a 4.4 acre lot in Vineyard Haven consisting of what will be three new modular dormitory buildings, one house manager’s apartment, and one modular administration building. Vineyard House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping islanders in recovery for substance abuse, and this campus will provide a sober housing community to assist in the recovery of their residents.


Squash Meadow CEO Bill Potter pictured with Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. President John Colucci, and the Vineyard House Board of Directors.


John Colucci and Bill Potter.


Mark Jenkins of the Vineyard House.

Squash Meadow Construction in association with Westchester Modular Homes of New York is excited and privileged to be a part of this project. We feel this experience represents the ongoing spirit of the Martha’s Vineyard community combining strengths and giving back to the people of the island.  In essence, a modular home, in its purest form, is a series of building blocks. Block by block you work towards building something bigger, and each block relies on the block beside it to reach the goal. They are held together by thousands of tiny pieces, each a victory in of itself, and they ultimately create something so substantial that it’s capable of sustaining life.

Squash Meadow Construction, Westchester Modular Homes, and Vineyard House, inc. are proud to present the Vineyard House campus, homes built block by block for those rebuilding block by block.



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Come One, Come All!

Squash Meadow5 3x4 color

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Finishing Up Another Beautiful Home In Edgartown

Spring is definitely in the air!  Here are some recent pictures of a home we are currently completing in Edgartown.  We will be showcasing the home in an open house at the end of April.  Wait till you see the interior.  A special thanks to Mike Chandler for these great pictures. DSC_1518 DSC_1529 DSC_1540

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