January on the Rock

We hit mid January on the rock and have had pretty decent weather, no major snow storms yet this winter. Work has been steady and will continue that way throughout the winter.

We have a modular set coming up a week from today up in West Tisbury on Bramble Path. The foundation is in place and ready for the boxes to arrive. More photos to come next week during the set!

In Edgartown on Curtis Lane the painters are in painting and the finish carpenter is in building some cabinets and stairs. It is coming together nicely and will be completed in the next few weeks. Final photos to follow!

In Oak Bluffs we have two modulars that are in the works. The job on Hampson Ave. the exterior is 90% complete. Interior work will begin shortly. The subcontractors have done their roughs for the electrical and plumbing. The insulators will be going in, in the next few days!

The job on Spruce Lane is waiting for the shingles to be delivered which is in the next day or so and the workers will begin to side the house.

Our next modular set scheduled for the end of February is located in Vineyard Haven on West Chop. The home has had asbestos removed and is currently waiting to be demolished.

That’s it for now! Keep on keeping on….

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Happy Holiday’s!

It’s chilly out there! With everyone rushing around for the holiday’s I will keep things short and sweet. Here is an update on our projects this week:

Up in West Tisbury we have our next set coming up in a month from now. The foundation under way…stay tuned to see more progress in the next few weeks. Modular boxes from Westchester are due to arrive on island at the end of January.

Back down island in Oak Bluffs the Hampson Ave. job now has the screened in porch framed out and the siding is almost complete. The propane lines have all been installed. The HVAC system is underway. The rough plumbing has been complete. The electric sub contractors have been working on their roughs. Things are right on schedule!

We had a few design meetings this week for upcoming modular sets in the spring! There are new smaller renovations projects in the work for the next round of homes. The bathrooms remodeled we have been working on at a home in the East Chop area will be ready for the owners to come visit right after Christmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends! See you in 2020!!

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Holiday Rush

Everyone is rushing around preparing for the holidays! 13 days till Christmas are you ready? Last minute shoppers better start your lists. We had our last set of the 2019 season last week and already have the next few dates lines up for January and February 2020! This week we have had a few design meetings for the upcoming sets next year.

Here is the home we set last week on Spruce Avenue in Oak Bluffs. The septic is being installed currently and the basement concrete was poured. Our workers will busy throughout the winter months.

The Hampson Ave. job the siding is coming along nicely. Propane lines are being installed this week.

The finished basement project has been completed just in time for the holidays! The owner put in a half bath and additional living space and storage for their growing family.

Stay clam everyone and you will get your holiday lists complete! Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty this time of year!

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Crunch Time

The holiday’s are just round the corner which means its crunch time to get gifts and decorate and attend and host holiday parties!

It has been a busy week here at Squash Meadow…we had a set in Oak Bluffs on Spruce Ave. Here are some images from set day:

Now the team will get started on buttoning up the home and work on siding right away. The owner was on island and able to experience the house coming and was very excited! We love making our clients happy 🙂

On Hampson Ave. the siding is coming along really nicely and the crew was lucky to have the sunshine yesterday and today!

Down in Edgartown the Curtis Lane project flooring from Sawyer Mason has arrived and is currently being installed. The outside shower has been completed and the sun room as well. Almost time for the finish carpenters to get in and work on the stairs, trim and painting.

It has been a busy week…time for some rest and checking things off the holiday list! Have a fun safe weekend 🙂

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Hard to believe Thanksgiving is one week away which means Christmas is five weeks away….time to get shopping and prepare for the holiday season up on! In the meantime we will keep on keeping on….

In Edgartown today we stopped by the Curtis Lane project. The three season room fireplace is complete. The contractors are finishing up trim in the three season room. The home is almost finished with the siding and decking. The outside shower is in progress.

In Oak Bluffs on Spruce Ave. the foundation is complete and inspection passed! The foundation will be backfilled right after Thanksgiving. Set day is just around the corner…stay tuned!

At the Hampson Ave. the electrician and plumber are in doing their roughs. The exterior is in progress the trim is now up, shingles will be next.

We hope everyone has a safe, happy Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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In the Office & out in the Field

Out on the field:

It’s happening now on Spruce Ave, in Oak Bluffs…the concrete is being poured for our next modular set coming to the island from the Westchester Modular Homes factory in Wingdale, NY on December 5th. We like forward progress! Now the concrete will have time to cure before the boxes arrive in the next few weeks.

In the office:

This week we have been busy talking with our web designers and creating a new Squash Meadow website! We are excited and hope to launch in the next few months 🙂

There have been a few design meetings this weeks on two upcoming projects in Vineyard Haven in the West Chop area. One is a new modular home set date likely in February and the other is a renovation project. We look forward to posting more about these upcoming projects in the next few months.

Lots of fun and exciting things happening at SMC. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is two weeks away, the time is flying! Stay tuned till next week.

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November on MV

October flew by and November and December will as well with the holidays approaching. The work does not stop.

This week in Oak Bluffs on Spruce Ave. we have site work for the foundation happening. See the photos below….concrete will be poured next week and will have time to cure before the modular boxes arrive December 5th.

At our newest set on Hampson Ave. the buttoning up of the outside continues. The staging has been set up for the shingles and trim. Here is a preview of the kitchen.

In Edgartown at our Curtis Lane project here are some photos of the exterior decking and siding. The fireplace is almost complete. The electricians are on site and finishing up their roughs for inspection.

The finished basement in Edgartown is almost complete we are waiting on the installation of the flooring which should be in the near future. Other little odds and end jobs are in progress or near completion. The next round of smaller jobs will start soon. Our list is full for the next few months!

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week!

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Happy Halloween!!!! It never seems to slow down around here…which is a good thing!

Here’s what we have been up to recently….

In Edgartown we have the Curtis Lane project in the works, the outside is almost completed with siding, trim and decking. The outdoor fireplace on the screened in porch is in progress and is looking great. The plumbing has been roughed and all set. The electricians are in progress. The dry wallers will be heading in in shortly to close up the gaps on the inside. The weather for the end of this week does not look very promising for us! More wind and rain headed our way.

Moving to Oak Bluffs…..We had a set in Oak Bluffs on Tuesday on Hampson Avenue. Here are some progress photos throughout the day.

The modular home from Westchester Modular has been set on the foundation and is weather tight, just in time! The new owner was here to watch the set and is very excited to see the outcome in the months to come. Once the rain/wind storm passes the crew will get over to start shingling and putting trim up on the outside. Progress photos will come in the next few weeks. Everyone was happy to be setting the home in dry weather yesterday.

At the next upcoming project in Oak Bluffs on Spruce Avenue the footing forms are in and the cement will be poured in the next few days. The modular boxes will be due to arrive early December.

Have a safe Halloween! Stay dry and we will see you next week with more on whats been happening around Squash Meadow job sites!

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We had some bad weather last week with the boats not running for two days straight. Today is also very windy, knocked some power out across the island, tree limbs are down, some school delays and cancellations. The boats are also not running at the moment once again. Be careful out there! Despite the bad weather we are pushing through with our current projects…here is an update!

In Oak Bluffs on Spruce Ave. the home has been demolished. Next up will be site work for the foundation for the new modular home that is due to be set on site at the beginning of December.

The job on Hampson Avenue is also coming along. The foundation has been tarred and the next week or so the steel plates will be going in for the modular home due to arrive on island October 29th.

Hampson Avenue, Oak Bluffs

In Edgartown the Curtis Lane home is coming along. The crew is working hard siding the home. The front deck and back screened in porch with outdoor fire place are in progress. The subcontractors have begun their rough work for HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

We are staying busy this fall and will continue to update you on our progress 🙂

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Fall on Martha’s Vineyard

Labor Day has come and gone…the fishing derby has started…the weather has been spectacular! Everyone is enjoying fall on the island 🙂

Squash Meadow has been very, very with new projects and finishing old projects. We will be steady all winter long which is a good thing!

Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks….starting in Vineyard Haven the Mayflower Lane project has been completed! The owners have started moving in their furniture. The landscaping is still underway but the interior has been painted and cleaned. Here are a few final interior shots.

Moving along to Oak Bluffs we have two larger projects in the works. One on Spruce Lane which is recently had the asbestos removed. The home utility services will be shut off this upcoming week. The property will be demoed the first week in October. The new foundation will be poured and modular home to be set in early December.

We have another modular project in the works as well. The lot is on Hampson Avenue in Oak Bluffs. The lot has been cleared and the foundation has been poured. The boxes from Westchester Modular will arrive at the end of October, stay tuned.

Foundation for Hampson Avenue has been poured

In Edgartown we had a set yesterday on a small lot, walking distance to town. Curtis Lane is a tight road and the set crew did a fantastic job working with the limited space they had. The four boxes have all been set and our crew is now on site starting button up the exterior! Here are some photos from yesterday! The owners will be able to be settled in before next summer and enjoy their new home 🙂 We will keep you updated on the progress of the job.

We have a few smaller projects happening as well. In Edgartown we are in the process of finishing a basement and adding a bathroom down there. In downtown Edgartown our crew is installing new windows and re-siding a property. We have also been steady with new client meetings and design work. Even though all our workers are extremely busy some how they manage to set aside a few hours to fish for the derby! Good luck everyone!!

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